I'm a seasoned video producer, editor, and production manager with seven years of both traditional and digital development and production experience.  Throughout my career, I've become an expert in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, production coordination, pre-production research, live studio operations, production design, and (most importantly) getting the job done on time and under budget.  But don't just take my word for it -- here are a few examples of my previous projects.  Like what you see?  There's more where that came from.  Contact me for further details.


Watch What Happens Live /

All of my intern dreams became a reality when a short I created for was aired on Watch What Happens Live... in front of the personalities themselves.  

For this Top Chef digital exclusive, I was given full creative license to edit and animate pre-shot interview footage in order to deliver this buzz-worthy clip.    


The Rubin Report Channel Trailer

Tasked with producing an upbeat trailer to both engage existing subscribers of The Rubin Report as well as entice new viewers, I managed a freelance shooter/editor to capture new footage to mix with clips I curated from the show's archives.  I revised the original script and co-edited the final cuts of the trailer, which went on to be viewed more than 131k times, contributing to our current 800k subscribers.   

Being a part of the inaugural production team, I've produced, directed, and edited all of the long form interviews since the beginning of The Rubin Report's nearly 3+ year run.  Whether we're hosting political pundits like Don Lemon or Ben Shapiro, comedians like Steven Fry and Michael Ian Black, or living legends like Richard Lewis or Larry King, I act as The Rubin Report's one woman production powerhouse.  

All footage seen here is shot in a 5-camera. live-cut studio and set I designed and built, floor to ceiling, coordinating and overseeing lighting and scenic crews to make the team's vision come alive. 


The Rubin Report on Location

When it was time to take the show on the road, The Rubin Report called on me as a Producer and Production Manager to create a series of long-form interviews on location.  I organized every aspect of our first production outside of our own space, from securing a remote studio, booking travel and lodging for our crew, coordinating arrival times and guides for guests, to researching talent, and tracking footage / elements from pre-production to post-production.   

Once on location, I directed a production crew of 5 throughout the day to capture the interviews, calling the shots and operating the switcher in a live-cut, 3 camera studio.  After we wrapped production, I edited the final cuts of the interview on Adobe Premiere.  


The Young Turks Network - Fashion and Lifestyle Vertical

When The Young Turks Network expressed interest in expanding their lifestyle vertical, I jumped at the chance to create something new.  I co-developed Styleogue, a show to foster discussion about fashion and how to feel great about the skin you're in, hosted by notorious TYT personalities like Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, and Hannah Cranston.  

During the run of the series featured in this clip, I co-produced five recurring segments, including a sponsored segment with a fashion retailer to drive additional revenue, booking rotating talent as needed.  I also coordinated and managed a technical crew of 5 throughout the day to day production of the series, including a director, audio engineer, editor, and stage hands. 

I was also the Production Designer on Styleogue, which became the first TYT network show to experiment with multiple sets and to incorporate pre-shot clips from alternative locations, elevating the production quality despite a tight budget and rigid studio schedule.  


The Young Turks / YouTube Space LA LIVE series

In 2014, The Young Turks embarked on a total reconstruction and expansion of their production facility.  In order for business to continue as usual, I oversaw the migration of all digital production into a residency at Youtube Space LA.  Here, I managed the move and rebuild of our 30 person production staff and six camera live-cut studio across town for our one day transition and one month stay.  In exchange for our residency, I coordinated a partnership between Youtube Space LA and The Young Turks for a series of full length live-streamed episodes, all in front of a live studio audience.  

As part of this collaboration, I acted as production manager for not only our daily shooting schedule of 8 network shows, but also for our large scale live studio audience events (linked below), overseeing a technical crew of 5-10 members throughout our month long stay.  Within this role, I ensured every production was sufficiently staffed, supervised the control room, organized the studio calendar, and managed footage and elements form pre-production to post-production.  

Additionally, I acted as an associate producer of The Jimmy Dore Show LIVE (pictured left).  Here, I worked with talent to assemble a show rundown in pre-production, organized the creation and movement of graphic and video elements, managed the control room, and directed the show itself, live cutting the cameras and elements on a Ross switcher.   


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