Need an employee who can roll with the punches, or roll up their sleeves and get to work?  I'm your girl.   

While you're here, feel free to download my resume.  You know, just in case. 

To see even more experience, please connect with me on LinkedIn.  Here's what others are saying: 

"Amiria is a crucial part of The Rubin Report and much of its success on Ora TV and YouTube can be attributed to her drive, determination, and willingness to learn and go above and beyond in every regard. She's in tune with digital audiences while keeping an eye on traditional media which has resulted in tremendous audience growth and engagement. Proficient in final cut, adobe creative suite, managing our crew both in studio and on location, Amiria is a power house. She is always one step ahead and enables our team to function at its best. "

— David Janet, Executive Producer, Ora TV, managed Amiria at Ora TV

"Amiria is smart, well versed in all things dealing with live production, has an excellent eye for set design, keeps everyone in line and on time, and sets and maintains a high bar of quality in everything she does. Amiria is a joy to work with and when she's leading or on the team you know things are going to run well regardless of what gets thrown her way."

— Mark Register, Head of Production, The Young Turks, managed Amiria at TYT Network

"Amiria was a total go-getter. She has a gift for creating fast-paced and creatively packaged videos from even the barest of footage. She worked independently but was always up for collaboration. I can't wait to see what other genius work she turns out."

— Kim Moreau, managed Amiria at NBCUniversal, Inc.